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If you or your child are interested in taking part in any event listed below please speak to one of the coaches pool side or speak to Tracey West on a club night. Alternatively you can email Tracey at competition@heanorswimmingclub.co.uk 

Prior to taking part in any event please fill out an event consent form for children under the age of 18 years to allow them to travel unaccompanied, if required.

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Billingham Forum
Saturday 20th January 2018

Billingham Forum Leisure Centre,
The Causeway,
Billingham, TS23 2LJ.

The object of this competition is to give lifesavers the opportunity to have a go at the speed events within Lifesaving Sport but over half the required distance. This is ideal for anyone, from those who have never taken part in the sport and would like to have a go, to those preparing for the National Speed Championships in March.

The age groups are 12-14 years, 15-17 years and Open (16+) - Age is age on date of Nationals, so 3rd March 2018 to allow those lifesavers who will compete in a higher age group at Nationals chance to practice.

The events are:
Individual Events -
• 50m obstacles
• 12.5m swim
• 12.5m manikin carry
• 50m manikin carry with fins
• 50m manikin tow with fins (15 years + only please)

Relays – Competitors must only compete in one team.
• 4 x 25m Obstacle relay
• 4 x 12.5m Manikin relay
• 4 x 25m Rescue medley relay 

We will also be running a rookie competition at the same time for the under 11’s. The age groups are 9 & under and 11 & under – Age on 3rd March 2017.

The events are:
Individual Events -

• 25m Obstacles
• 25m fins race
• 25m manikin carry (empty)
• 25m boogie board race.

Relays – Competitors must only compete in one team.
• Obstacle relay
• Boogie board relay

The cost to participate in all of the individual events is £15.00
per person.

Please see Tracey West for further information and an entry form.