Heanor Swimming and Lifesaving Club (HSLSC) was founded in 1973, the aim of the club is to promote the prevention of drowning through the delivery of water safety instruction. We operate within the guidelines of our governing body The Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS).

We currently have around 130 members, and we deliver a full “learn to swim programme” from the age of 5 years onwards, but what makes HSLSC different is that from that age we also start to deliver water safety messages and teach members how to stay safe in and around water. This involves progressing members through all the Lifesaving Rookie awards, onto the Survive and Save awards and preparing them to take their Lifeguard exams in both pool and open water.

Each activity is delivered by a qualified member of the team. The club boasts a number of qualified STA swimming instructors, Rookie Instructors, Survive and Save Instructors and teaching assistants. All of this coaching is delivered to the highest standard in line with STA progression guidelines.

The ability of the club to manage its members needs, from the age of five to international competition, is one of the reasons so many of our senior members have been with the club for a number of years. The club volunteers take as much pleasure from members achieving their 5m badge to supporting one of the counties icon athletes.

All club members have the opportunity to take part in lifesaving competitions as either individuals or as part of a team. Senior members have the opportunity to compete both in the UK and abroad.